*As the title implies, we will be discussing boogers today. Nothing to detailed, but I figured a warning would be nice.

I am a mom. I have cleaned up baby puke. I have dealt with massive poop blow outs. While potty training my son I cleaned up more pee and poop then any one human should ever have to do. When my niece was born she would spit up on me at least 3 times every single time I held her. Basically, I know all about the nasty stuff that comes with having kids and I handle it all pretty well.

All except boogers.

Boogers, snot, flem, mucus… all of those thing give me that queasy feeling in my stomach that makes me want to head for the toilet. Especially boogers.

On any given day my son hands me about 20 boogers. In all different shapes and sizes. If booger digging was an Olympic sport and they allowed toddlers to compete, you bet your bum he’d be taken on the gold. If they are in his nose, he is finding them, digging them out, and announcing it to the world.

Once while standing in line at War-Mart he said very loudly, “Mom I have a booger!” and proceeded to stick his tiny index finger with a giant green sticky booger (to many details?) right on his fingertip right in my face. I felt my face turn red as I searched my purse and pockets and every area around me for a tissue or something, anything I could wipe this booger on. Of course, I didn’t have anything. So, I grabbed his hand and wiped it on his shirt (not my greatest parenting moment, not my worst either though.)

Most booger pickers are also booger eaters right? Well not my son. In fact he’s probably just as grossed out by them as I am, which means as soon as a booger touches his finger or hand, he freaks out (one would think this would prompt him to stop picking his nose, but yet here we are.) He will run from his room with his hand stretched out in front of him screaming “Ew booger!” until I rush to wipe it off.

I’m hoping this booger picking thing is just a gross phase that he will eventually grow out of. Kind of like the goth or punk phase he’ll go through when he’s like 15. Of course, this could a life long thing. I may need to come to terms with the idea that my son will forever be a booger picker. There are definitely worse things right?

If you came here for serious quality content I hope you were satisfied!

Thanks for reading!
– Just Your Average Mom


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