Welcome to my blog!

Let me introduce myself a bit! First, my name is Fallon. Yes it’s pronounced the same as Jimmy Fallon, and yes that is exactly what I tell people when I first meet them. Believe it or not I’m named after a really old soap opera character. Fallon Carrington Colby was a fictional character on the soap opera Dynasty, and apparently my dad was in love with her. I’ll admit, I’m not very fond of the name, never have been, but I guess it’s better than the name my mother would have given me… Billy Joe *stars blankly into the camera like on the office*.

So now that we have that weird name stuff out of the way, let me continue.

I’m 27 years old and I live in good old New Jersey. I could make some kind of remark here about how we are nothing like the cast of The Jersey Shore but honestly it’s so overused, so instead I’ll say this: yes it’s true, I don’t know how to pump my own gas.

I’m what they call a stay at home mom, or for short SAHM. If you don’t know what that is, basically I’m a mom and I don’t have a job. Well I don’t have a job that pays me money (I do but that’s another post for another day). My job is to stay home and take care of the kids, well kid, I only have one. He’s 3.5 and right now he’s sitting on the ottoman next to the cat tree watching a show on his iPad call Ryan’s Toy Review. It’s a YouTube channel where a 6 year old boy is filmed while playing with toys, opening presents, playing with slime, and lots of other fun things I wish I could get paid for doing. This kid’s YouTube channel has over 7 million subscribers and over 13 billion views, and my son is responsible for like a quarter of those views (sarcasm obviously, I would never allow him to be one his iPad that much.. never…*cough*).

Lets get to why I’m starting this blog.

There are A LOT of mommy blogs out there on the world-wide web. Each one with its different purpose. Some are satire, some a serious. Some are there to give you great advice, and some.. well some give you not so great advice. There’s funny mom blogs, and sad mom blogs. Big mom blogs and little mom blogs. Mommy blogs over there.. mommy blogs over there… Okay I’m gonna stop now because I’m not Dr. Seuss and there’s nowhere to go after that. You get the picture anyway. I want this mom blog to be.. different. I’m not going to give you advice, or tell you what the best brand of diapers are (target, always target). I’m simply going to write about my day-to-day life with my 3 year old and try to find the humor in all of it.

If you are into that, or if you just need something boring to read to help you fall asleep, then this is the blog for you. I’m not promising anything but honesty (no really, I’m not even promising that I’ll post regularly or use proper grammar), and hopefully that will be enough. I’ll end this post now, mainly because my son has just asked me for the 10th time if we can get a gum ball machine (thanks Ryan’s Toy Review) and I’ve got to figure out a way to explain to him why we cannot get a gum ball machine, but also because I don’t really have much more to say.

Thanks for reading!
– Just Your Average Mom


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